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About Us


Surge Events hands down provides the best customer service and experience. We are not the cheesy and outdated approach DJ's. We want our approach to be more chic. We understand that not every event is the same. So we work meticulously with our clients to make sure their dreams come alive. Which is why each client will be given a portal login to complete specific worksheets for their event. 

We believe that your event should reflect your personal style, taste and vision. As our DJ's have worked hundreds of Weddings, Quince's, Clubs, and Special Events; we have the experience to make any event great! But our vision is to make it undeniably 100% perfect. 

We genuinely care about your event. This isn't a side hustle or hobby for us. Which is why we bring our "A Game" because we want you to have the best wedding, party, or corporate event possible. 

Our plan is to come in and make sure all your guests leave saying "Now THAT was a party..."

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